Balenciaga is a high-end, well-known luxury brand.

Balenciaga is one of the most influential brands in the fashion industry. The brand was founded in 1919 by the brand’s founder Cristóbal Balenciaga. Then, between 1930 and 1968, Crist?bal Balenciaga built on the Balenciaga brand, the most famous of which was the BaleNciaga Motorcyle Bag. For 90 years, the Parisian family has been known in the fashion world for its fashion, elegance and fine-cut and sewn haute couture. Brand continues to this day, after the washing of time, those with the classic fashion breath still exist on its body, become one of the symbols of the fashion industry.

Balenciaga Star Products

Spring/summer 2017 in the ins on the highest mirror shoes, minimalist shape and design, unique socks style, a total of black and white and high school help two color schemes and style release, choose the recent popular weaving material splending material splendor production, into the stocking sleeve design,the minimalist woven uppers, without the intricate design of the eye, are only embellished under the brand name BALENCIAGA, while the geometric textured white soles are also added to the MEMORY memory system, making the soles extremely fit to the bow, with woven socks to provide a comfortable and superior wearing feel. It’s worth mentioning that this shoe is very light.

Balenciaga coffee-colored locomotive bag is one of the representative works of the Paris family locomotive bag, Oriental lady can be used in various occasions as a million bags, and has a casual beauty. Balenciaga coffee-colored locomotive bag is oversized, making it ideal for women to travel for a short time or go shopping. This locomotive bag is lightweight and durable, and the origin is France. The locomotive bag is made of ultra-soft lambskin and has been polished to give a very delicate touch. It features a unique tether for all zipper switch sections, one of the concepts of designing locomotive bags for the Parisian family, making it easy for women to open the locomotive bag at their fingertips.