Balenciaga mobile bag, which first appeared at the 19th Winter Fashion Show, is on sale in boutiques around the world from July 12. As the most pocket-sized addition in Balenciaga’s line of mobile bags, it’s just the right size to fit into any size phone.Go out the necessary “hands key money (ID card, mobile phone, key, wallet) ” four-piece set can be stuffed in, plus lipstick cake paper towels, the three-dimensional feeling of the bag has just emerged.On the show, the dark lights are accompanied by a sharp flashof, in which we get a glimpse of the fashion fragments of the latest season. Commuters in suit jackets, hippies in reflective leather jackets and sunglasses, and young people in bright-colored jackets at night, make up a multi-model of all ages and ethnic colors, making a picture of real Parisian urban life.Designed with the slate grey paper bags used in balenciaga boutiques, Balenciaga mobile phone bags are made of calfskin and come in a variety of practical sizes with removable long straps. A small round handle made of calf skins, which delicately mimics the fabric handle above the paper bag, which is opened and closed with an invisible magnet.Shopping bag series of course, of course, continues the Paris family’s hot-selling gene: very high degree of identification and practical wear, and a strong sense of styling.
For the “always keep beautiful star man”, has not experienced the summer a small bag on the start of the convenience and refreshing, to avoid the one-hour-a-day tangled trade-off in addition to it can be used as a hand bag and slant bag, and rap circle popular chest hanging bag, you can also learn the use of the show on the kettle, summer also adhere to the warm cup drink hot water, Or bring your own cup to Starbucks minus three dollars, health punk and eco-friendly titles to choose with you.