Balenciaga has undoubtedly redefined the word “fashion”, waving off the harmony that used to stretch the stage, the brand zooming the lines in the clothes that feel bad on the street, disassembling the layout in detail, giving a new way of interpreting today’s popular pieces. By autumn/winter 2019, the brand will continue in recent years, but compared with the past full of subculture, this time the brand in the women’s coat to add the Balenciaga brand gene neutral tailoring design, so that the overall in the street younger style, still retain elegant lines.
In the single product, the previous seasons Balenciaga with daddy shoes to conquer the fashion market, this time the brand in the shoes launched a new lightweight Track 2 shoes, women’s shoes pushed the design of elegant pointed shoes, but also caught the trend of square shoes! Muller shoes or leather shoes are more than a pair of shoes on the head for the design spindle.Balenciaga used clothing to catch young people’s quirky stomachs and to match sports fashion in shoes.To fall and winter 2019 Balenciaga certainly didn’t let you go! The brand, inspired by the Paris supermarket, launched a new paper bag made of leather, Market Shopper! Transforming Parisians’ usual shopping bags into the most fashionable tote bags, ready to evoke your shopping desires with a unique aesthetic perspective!In the past impression, we always think that fashion blockbusters are extremely far away from life, this time Balenciaga take the scene from the daily, from the streets, fruit and vegetable supermarkets to bus station row, all become the most fashionable field in the eyes of the brand, a set of tailored precision couples wear, as if to tell you that fashion does not have to be done, from the life letter hand can be.