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Balenciaga has undoubtedly redefined the word “fashion”, waving off the harmony that used to stretch the stage, the brand zooming the lines in the clothes that feel bad on the street, disassembling the layout in detail, giving a new way of interpreting today’s popular pieces. By autumn/winter 2019, the brand will continue in recent years, but compared with the past full of subculture, this time the brand in the women’s coat to add the Balenciaga brand gene neutral tailoring design, so that the overall in the street younger style, still retain elegant lines.
In the single product, the previous seasons Balenciaga with daddy shoes to conquer the fashion market, this time the brand in the shoes launched a new lightweight Track 2 shoes, women’s shoes pushed the design of elegant pointed shoes, but also caught the trend of square shoes! Muller shoes or leather shoes are more than a pair of shoes on the head for the design spindle.Balenciaga used clothing to catch young people’s quirky stomachs and to match sports fashion in shoes.To fall and winter 2019 Balenciaga certainly didn’t let you go! The brand, inspired by the Paris supermarket, launched a new paper bag made of leather, Market Shopper! Transforming Parisians’ usual shopping bags into the most fashionable tote bags, ready to evoke your shopping desires with a unique aesthetic perspective!In the past impression, we always think that fashion blockbusters are extremely far away from life, this time Balenciaga take the scene from the daily, from the streets, fruit and vegetable supermarkets to bus station row, all become the most fashionable field in the eyes of the brand, a set of tailored precision couples wear, as if to tell you that fashion does not have to be done, from the life letter hand can be.

The City of the Future in the Dark Night

Beijing time on March 3, 2019, the national model Zhang Lina red eyes like the ghost of the dark night, opened this season’s Balenciaga big show. The dark showand and the flickering lights continue Balenciaga’s unique futuristic and retro psychedelic surrealism.“I’m just presenting fashion in a language that contemporary people can understand and identify with. “—— Gvasalia

This week, Balenciaga is in the mix. First, The explosion Balenciaga is expected to enter the billion-euro club in 2019, the explosive manufacturing strength is absolutely not to be underestimated.  Balenciaga unveiled its autumn/winter 2019 collection at Paris Fashion Week, almost restoring the daily lives of a young Parisian, from the dress-up of office workers to the ease of work after work, this season Balenciaga perfectly poked the most-needed outfit.

The 2019 Balenciaga autumn/winter collection, also a merger of men’s and women’s outfits, has a wider space for expression after blurring gender boundaries. For now, female models are wearing minimalist suits that exude a different kind of appeal. The whole show is the perfect model for the fusion of haute couture and street design, or weird enough to be blood-sprinkly, and cleverly restrained at critical moments.

This season’s series reinterprets the aesthetic of young people, who wear Balenciaga seem to shine in the crowd, both male and female.

Demna Gvasalia opened with a few black suits paired with wide-legged trousers, with an elitist style in a ghostly look. Black, the main color in Mr. Crist?bal Balenciaga’s design, was influenced by the spanish culture and the thoughts of the monks who grew up as a child, and in his eyes it was a vibrant color.With the rhythm of the flash of light, in the neckof to make a three-dimensional effect of sequin tights, short skirts, smooth lines of silk evening dress and accompanied by the light shines and show vitality of the silver tassel dress under the baking, the end of the work of urban creatures began a midnight revelry.

Balenciaga’s latest net red single is really a bit more

To say which of the recent net-red brand, must not be balenciaga, from the old fashion house into avant-garde fashion house, captured a large ticket of young fans, we will take a look at the recent balenciaga’s red single .

Balenciaga’s recent burst of single products do have a lot of points, it is really a beautiful turn of the war, and this part of the credit certain thanks to the brand designers. The new designer had to mention another online brand, vetements, vetements is the designer.
Demna Gvasalia’s personal brand, founded in 2014, was a hit, avant-garde and real-life, and each item could sell for a magical brand at sky-high prices.Demna Gvasalia took over as a designer after Alexander Wang left Balenciaga, and in 2016 he was at his best, when the style, featuring vetements, became popular. This time the Parisian family chose him as the new designer is a very clever thing, it turns out to be the same, and now the Parisian family is also popular with the younger generation.Fashion benchmarks such as Kanye West, Rihanna and G-Dragon are all fans of him. The influence of these big currys also gave him a big boost to his future fame.
And many of the items have been controversial recently when they were first launched, and some people may find it too special and a bit ugly, like a handbag with a woven bag.But now it has become a popular it bag, in the brand also has a high status, very iconic.
The other one, which broke red earlier this year, is a sock shoe that everyone knows about. Now it is also one of the brand’s classic shoes, the shape is extremely simple, the side has logo, I am responsible to tell you that this pair of shoes on the foot than a single look a lot, and very light, very comfortable.Kwon Zhilong first passed, which is one of the reasons it quickly burst red.
If these two individual products are already a bit “over-gasy”, then the next few kinds of single products are the new net red, anyway, the Paris family in the explosion of the road has not stopped. The first new net red single is a triangular bag. Square round package are red, almost also the turn of the triangle package raised eyebrows, this bag is the Paris family’s early autumn series package, play is geometric design package is a very formal triangular shape, simple shape, there is balenciaga small logo in the package.

What is the Balenciaga fairy brand, so that a large number of fashion people are obsessed with it.

Balenciaga is a high-end, well-known luxury brand.

Balenciaga is one of the most influential brands in the fashion industry. The brand was founded in 1919 by the brand’s founder Cristóbal Balenciaga. Then, between 1930 and 1968, Crist?bal Balenciaga built on the Balenciaga brand, the most famous of which was the BaleNciaga Motorcyle Bag. For 90 years, the Parisian family has been known in the fashion world for its fashion, elegance and fine-cut and sewn haute couture. Brand continues to this day, after the washing of time, those with the classic fashion breath still exist on its body, become one of the symbols of the fashion industry.

Balenciaga Star Products

Spring/summer 2017 in the ins on the highest mirror shoes, minimalist shape and design, unique socks style, a total of black and white and high school help two color schemes and style release, choose the recent popular weaving material splending material splendor production, into the stocking sleeve design,the minimalist woven uppers, without the intricate design of the eye, are only embellished under the brand name BALENCIAGA, while the geometric textured white soles are also added to the MEMORY memory system, making the soles extremely fit to the bow, with woven socks to provide a comfortable and superior wearing feel. It’s worth mentioning that this shoe is very light.

Balenciaga coffee-colored locomotive bag is one of the representative works of the Paris family locomotive bag, Oriental lady can be used in various occasions as a million bags, and has a casual beauty. Balenciaga coffee-colored locomotive bag is oversized, making it ideal for women to travel for a short time or go shopping. This locomotive bag is lightweight and durable, and the origin is France. The locomotive bag is made of ultra-soft lambskin and has been polished to give a very delicate touch. It features a unique tether for all zipper switch sections, one of the concepts of designing locomotive bags for the Parisian family, making it easy for women to open the locomotive bag at their fingertips.